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Who We Are

Saturated Sports is operated by Onyx Media & Productions, LLC. Onyx is a full service audio and video production company. Learn more about Onyx Media & Productions here. Onyx Media & Productions is owned and operated out of Central Texas and has several years experience producing engaging sporting events both online and in person.


What We Do

In an effort to provide high quality broadcasts of High School sporting events, Onyx Media & Productions has built Saturated Sports, an online distribution platform debuting in 2023. The goal is for all Saturated Sports broadcasts to feature multiple camera angles operated by skilled camera operators, high quality graphics, instant replay, and a score bug that includes game clock, down and distance, quarter, and when possible, play clock, all in addition to the score. When watching a Saturated Sports broadcast we hope that you have an experience more similar to watching a College or NFL game than a High School game.

Get Involved

Sponsoring Saturated Sports allows us to keep the cost to view each broadcast to a minimum. Video production is expensive. Cameras, production switchers, graphics software, accessories, etc. totals in the tens of thousands of dollars. We also pay our crew fair compensation for their time. If you want to support the broadcast of High School sports in Texas and while getting your business name in front of everyone, please contact us at 254-677-8634 option 1.

If you would like to work as a camera operator, commentator, broadcast director, producer, or engineer, please email your resume and portfolio to [email protected]